View Full Version : What exactly is "Fill with AI Opponents"?

29-12-2015, 16:30
I created a lobby, and check YES to do that, and thought that it would fill out the field with AI racers if there were no real people in the lobby. So I proceeded to qualifying, and then the race, and no one had come in the lobby, so I thought once the race started that there would be AI opponents to race, but there were none, so I guess I don't know what it does?!? :confused:

Neil Bateman
29-12-2015, 16:39
Maybe there has to be at least one person join the server for it to add AI cars, just guessing.

29-12-2015, 17:57
For that to work the lobby needs to be set to a certain about of human drivers allowed in the lobby then the rest of the grid will be ai (so the number of human drivers needs to be set lower than the total cars allowed on grid)

29-12-2015, 18:08
If u set a lobby up as a grid size of 16 and number of human opponents to 7 with 'fill with ai' on, you will go out on track for practice/qualification with 8 ai drivers on track and then during practice/qualification up 7 human drivers can join anytime till about 3 min till end of qualification

Neil Bateman
29-12-2015, 18:20
He is saying that if nobody joins the server he expects the AI to fill the grid but they don't, he is left on his own so we are to assume that he does enter total grid size then the number of allowed humans then fill with AI.

29-12-2015, 20:43
Ok got it figured out..Thanks all :cool: