View Full Version : Final gearing question

29-12-2015, 17:53
I have noticed this on several cars, but say for instance the Formula C car, the final gear to the right is 2.83, but when I go back on click it is still 2.83, and on the third click it goes to 3.00. So my question is, are the does the gearing not change until the third click, or does it change on the second click, but still for some reason shows 2.83 :confused::confused:

29-12-2015, 17:58
A lot of tuning parameters do that. I think the value stays the same but I'm not 100% sure.

Roger Prynne
29-12-2015, 18:05
Only the values you can actually see have any effect.

29-12-2015, 18:56
Thanks everyone :triumphant: