View Full Version : Problem Left Button with T300rs - NEED HELP PLEASE !!!

31-12-2015, 02:44

I just received my new T300rs. Greet Wheel by the way. I'm on PS4.

But I have a problem with the left button of my directional cross in Project Cars. (I don't have this problem in PS4's menu).

When I go to "Settings" of my wheel, if for exemple I want to change comes values from 100 to 0 with the left button, sometimes (too often), the cursor go to line above. So, if I keep my finger on this left button, it's possible to change other settings above without want it...

I don't have this problem in PS4's menu when I go in my application from right to left.

For example, during a race, if I push on my left button to active my windscreen wiper, my lights switch off because there are on assigned on my top button...

Somebody has the same issues ? Can you test it on PS4 ?

Thanks for your answers !