View Full Version : A few hiccups

01-01-2016, 09:55
First of all I am totally in love with this game. The graphics are stunning, the physics feel great and the racing can be intense.

Here is a video in which I had a great last few laps but the first lap throws up a couple of issues that I have found.

I don't think that they are game breaking, although they do lose the feeling of immersion a little but it's not he end of the world.


What this first laps demonstrates is an odd bouncing of the Z4 just after we touch, followed by a load of cars static on the grid which remained there for the whole race (This is just in the replay though, they were not visible during the race), a strange crash on the start/finish line and then the car that I chase for the rest of the 5 lap race being shown as an Audi in the replay when it was a Mclaren that I was battling with.

Like I said, not game breaking but just a few things that I thought I should mention.

Happy New Year to everyone.

01-01-2016, 10:26
Yea, most of that are replay bugs, that are well known (hopefully) as it has been reported by TGC quite a lot.
I think there first thing is a simple lag. Resp. the way the game does data exchange. Quite common, like when cars touch on your machine the game makes a detailed position request and updates the position of the car afterwards. Saw that happen in Rocket League too :P This will always happen when bandwidth is a concern.