View Full Version : Quick question about car damage now

01-01-2016, 11:54
Hello its been a while since I my last activity in the forum.

Basically I was outside for a while lol. But anyway it's not important :P

Well I get rid of my Xbox one and bought project cars on a new high end PC. There is something different since I have played the last time

All the damages are set to full, etc.

The thing is : I tried to crash hard on a wall and when doing so the car has almost nothing. When I played on Xbox one the car would almost die instantly without pitty. Now the car can be handled after the crash and it is really difficult to make mechanical damage. I am also unable to loose wheels even if I try hard.

Do I do something wrong or there is an update that changed everything?

Thanks in advance for your responses

03-01-2016, 04:49
I lost a wheel last night after changing damage settings from off to full..... very unwise as I still have the screen lockup whilst car continues travelling bug. this is very dangerous. in short, I cannot play this game with damage on.