View Full Version : PS4 version not working properly - help

01-01-2016, 15:08
I have been using Project Cars on my PC for a year quite happily.
Purchased a PS4 and a copy of Project Cars for the PS4.
Inserted the disc and it updated to the latest version (v7 something).
However - the full features of the game are not enabled - just a quick race.
The game does not recognise I have a Thrustmaster T500 installed either.
It seems to know I have been playing on the PC but did not require me to install and enter the registration code that came with the disc for example.
Anyone got any ideas what I should do?
Hope someone can help.

01-01-2016, 15:18
Before you get access to the full game it needs to finish installing , if you click the options button on pcars from the xmb menu you can check how longs left until its fully installed .

01-01-2016, 17:55
I recommend any game this gen, PS4 or Xbox One. Let the game fully install before you start playing.