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03-01-2016, 07:48
the events are just repeating in every seasons, right ? well i have no problem with that.
but why the cars you have to use is still the same ? i mean on your first season, you raced on an event like Pagani Club Day at Monza.
you are going to use a Pagani Huayra on that event.. but after that race and season is finished, you will race on that event again in your
second season.. and the annoying thing is you are going to use the same car, same color, and same weather again.. if its impossible to implement something like
car selection, then why not make i random ?

its kinda boring.. its already 4 season i'd finished.. even the rain weather is very annoying.. every race, it's always raining. its not that i can't drive in wet track,
but rain weather is fucking up 15fps on my Pc. (around 20's if particles with an nvidia's brilliant physX eneabled). please make it less ofthen..

and one more thing.. am i the only one who's experiencing this problem in an Audi R8 ?
when i accidentally hit my opponent, guard rails, and when a car jumps for a bit, the car is suddenly stopped and the gear will automatically change to Neutral.
it stops like it caught a trap.

03-01-2016, 08:48
Afaik you can change the car you use in invitational career events : the "change vehicle" option just above the session length slider is not greyed out

03-01-2016, 10:03
well on a pagani event you only can drive pagani cars...
on most other events you can choose the car you want to drive,but the weatherconditions stay the same.