View Full Version : Pit Stop Strategy Problem - advice needed

03-01-2016, 15:06
Hi guys,
just looking for some pointers as I seem to have hit a problem during my formula B career and just about to start my formula A and don't want to have the same problem.

The problem is this.....

I setup the default setup for the tyre set as automatic depending on weather.

However, you can't do that via the pit-stop strategy so i set the strategy to change to wet because the weather forecast was heavy cloud.

During the race (and as predicted) it started to rain very heavy, so I came in before the mandatory pit call and changed to wets. It was a thunderstorm that lasted quite a long time. I received the mandatory call during the thunderstorm but elected to stay out thinking the rain would stop and if it did, they would give me slicks just at the right time.

With 5 laps to go the rain stopped so I came into the pits but they gave me wets again!!!!....so the default setting was overridden by my pit-stop strategy of putting on wets.

How can I change the strategy Tyre choice so I can dynamically select the Tyre of MY choice. It seems the pit-stop strategy setting overrides the default that selects it by weather.

or am I doing something wrong?