View Full Version : Half the grid is pitting

03-01-2016, 17:57
O_o Racing around Dubai Autodrome in the dry, 7 lap race and I'm 8th. We get round to the pit entrance on the first lap, everyone but P4 boxes (or at least enters the pits. I paused when I saw what was going on). There were no accidents and I don't know if P9 down will pit. Why are they boxing?

EDIT: Everyone except me and about 5 AI boxed. The 4 cars that didn't pit lap 1 are now pitting. My FPS messed up soon after

Lewis Puppy
03-01-2016, 19:43
I would just restart the race and pit as well then

03-01-2016, 19:45
Is this a Career Race or a Quick Race Weekend?

03-01-2016, 20:00
do you setup a time based race or lap based?
i did a few moments ago a time based quick race on oulton park fosters in the GT-86 with KI @100
the complete AI was 3-4 times in the pits in a half hour race!!!
before i got a 15min qualification so i had a full tank and can drive easyly the race without refuel and tire changes.
so maybe the AI had a problem with fuel calculation on time based races?

03-01-2016, 22:06
I get this too. 16 lap race. Normal tyre wear. 1 tank is more than enough to finish, yet AI pits handing me the lead.

It'd be good to know what triggers the AI to pit or perhaps even have the ability to set the number of mandatory pit stops.

This is wkend race btw.

Patrick Kulinski
03-01-2016, 22:46
Just to be sure, I guess the option for the mandatory pitstop is disabled?

04-01-2016, 03:14
i did a offline race...

04-01-2016, 09:25
Offline quick race, first to the finish (x number of laps) wins. No pitstop settings were changed. I didn't even know you could do time based races.
The entire grid pitted and then went 5+ seconds a lap faster than me

04-01-2016, 14:56
so i did another test now on a lap based quick race: no AI driver pit!
i was the only one in the complete race that had move to the pits because they know it will be starting to rain in round 3, me not...
if you set real weather and make an qualifying you only see the weather forecast from the qualifying but had no chance to see the forecast for the the race itself (you cant take a lock to because the race starts immediately)
did everyone set the weather to real too? or another choice?

04-01-2016, 15:48
Probably the mandetory pitstop. In some races everyone has to stop a certain times.

04-01-2016, 17:06
OFFLINE quick race! there is no option for mandatory pitstop.
and in my race yesterday they pit 2-3 times in a half hour race (no weatherchanges etc...)

04-01-2016, 21:08
so i did another test now on a lap based quick race: no AI driver pit!

It's random. I've seen what the OP saw but it doesn't happen all the time. It's been reported to SMS, but it's so random it's hard to track down.

Lewis Puppy
04-01-2016, 23:26
I've done 30 different car and track layout quick races, all about 30 min race length(~20 laps) and the AI pitted in only 3 of them.