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05-01-2016, 13:18
in order see why the few people that play pcars enjoy this game, I have to meet these requirements.

1) I have to believe the world is flat

2) I have to own gaming PC (ps4 and xbox too inferior?) especially the wii.

3) I must be happy to download random mandatory updates that may change the entire driving feel or lose save data, if I don't own a pc.

4) I must not use a gamepad controller. must own a wheel... while many of the best wheels are cheap quality and take up too much space in my living room.

5) I must not loose my cool and complain about game issues such as "why is my tires flat and car crashes when I leave the pit stop?" or " why is the AI stuck to my bumper trying to drive straight through me?" shh this stuff must be something they are trying keep quiet about.

6) I must be brainwashed to believe that forza6 is the enemy and is a terrible bugged game.

7) I must have extreme problems with any other racing sim that does not have the name Project CARS on it.

8) I must pretend that driving an Audi in a racing video game is something I never experienced before since it is now in pcars, wow!

9) I must be crazy

10) I must buy pcars 1 inorder to play pcars 2

11) I must pretend to be totally fine/okay that there is no experience level progression in multiplayer

12) I must pretend to be totally fine/okay that there is no experience level progression in career mode (Why? because this is a real simulator unlike the enemy forza that has those stupid progressions and rewards for being a good racer). instead pcars has host vote kick to reward players.

13) I must not believe this game is unfinished because it is finished from a "Production Standpoint", per-se. ha---ha.

14) I must be elite or a perfect driver in pcars because if I have no mic and I accidentally crashed another player. I will get crucified kicked banned and told to go play mario cart to not ever play this real racing sim again.

15) I must think I'm some real professional racer that knows everything about car handling and physics

16) I must post and respond in this forum more often than playing the actual game

17) I must be upset and gang up with others to refute anyone who has valid pcars complaints here.

18) I must believe this thread is a joke or waste of time.

19) I must be eager to buy dlc no matter if it's a voltswagon beetle or ford escort, or a fictional racetrack that you cant even race with friends on (whoohoo! fun stuff) simply because its inexpensive dlc.

20) I must go to forza6 lobbies to recruit the players they stole from pcars. my punchline would be something like this "Hey man, sup... why don't you come back and play project cars with me. they have been through 7 updates and a pcars 2 announcement since you left. the reason Im here in forza 6 lobbies recruiting you is because most of my friends left pcars when forza6 came out and Im the only one stuck here that still believes that project cars is the best game ever.

Basically what I am saying here is while other games offers entertainment for players in different categories such as novice intermediate pro and in some cases gaming just for fun. The fan base in project cars seems very limited to professional wheel users; or If you are here to just have fun "need not apply" type of attitude.

Personally, I think using the pad controls make forza6 a much more realistic simulator. Using gamepad in pcars is twitchy and unresponsive to the point I feel they are trying to push me to buy a wheel. Without realizing that not every one has the space to have this huge gaming peripheral to set up in living room.

honestly, during game release I was getting really impatient with the game braking bugs in pcars, my complaints were answered by insults followed by all types of negativity. but a few months later forza 6 releases and it was like a breath of fresh air and assured me a smooth running game. thanks to turn 10... maybe turn 10 should make the next pcars3. I bet there won't be that many bugs when it releases.

Im not trying to tell pcars what to do because their success and failure is on them. but i will say this, if you are going full sim with this game. kudos to you. but if you want everyone to play it/buy it? why not make it suitable for everyone.

What do you people think?

05-01-2016, 13:28
Closing this because it won't end well.

FYI, calling other members "brainwashed" or "crazy" and implying that they're ignorant is not a good foundation for a constructive discussion.