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kevin kirk
07-01-2016, 00:24
It dawned on me as I started to dive into the tires part of testing, or learning about managing a pit stop, that I really don't know how to go about this. What are some of your methods to get the most out of your tires, verse your fuel, to plan multible pit stops. Seems like this game would be perfect for using pitstops to gain a advantage since there are no full course cautions. Also I have found after a couple of races of pitting in 2nd place and finishing in 10th after my stop, the default doesn't seem to be the best way to manage a race.

07-01-2016, 00:50
There's Jimmy_b84 (I think that's how its spelt) pit strategy calculator :)
Otherwise, I crank up the tyre wear rate (2x-5x. 6/7 is too fast and will wear your tyres before they're warmed and you're in a rhythm) for FP and see how long the tyres last, roughly. If a stint at 2x wear lasts me 20 laps, I know the tyres are good for 40 at real. In the mean time I'm making setup changes and note the fuel consumption per lap (available in cars with the Motec displays).
So then you have 2 numbers: how long the tyres last and how long your fuel lasts.
Accelerated tyre wear can also expose setup/technique issue where you'll see noticeable difference in wear rates. That itself can be very problematic in an endurance race.
Closely matched temperature and wear all round isn't always possible, but its a sign your car is balanced.
If you're anticipating night racing or cooling dusk conditions I'd highly recommend practice there too, as a cold ambient/track temp can really throw off your car if its already difficult to drive.
Currently tyre change and fuel is done consecutively and not concurrently, though each trip through the pit lane is costly on time. Match your fuel load to your tyre life and you're set. Unless your sorts are running out too fast and you want to stretch the stint with mediums, but then you'll have to make reasonable lap times on mediums and make it economical to run the extra distance. Maybe set multiple pit strategy for different stops for example if your final stint is just for a splash of fuel because your tyres will make the distance.

07-01-2016, 17:14
I nearly missed this thread....

I'm not quite sure where to start maybe it would be easier to check out my thread, most of the info including a quick how to video is in the first post


There is so much more to come from strategy in project cars and also my calculator, when I start to become a genius I'll have all this on an app connected to UDP stream for live strategy updates but it's a very long way off, so don't get too excited yet.

Hope that helps and feel free to post in the thread if you have any questions