View Full Version : Any way to switch on 3D mode with out VR device?

07-01-2016, 02:50
Hi, I am a 3d fan and a simer, I am wondering if Pcars can switch on 3d mode? since it supports VR devices, so doubtless Pcars has already inner built a 3d rendering mode.

Actually I have tried TRIFED 3d software, it is great, but not under windows 10. with Windows 10 tridef works neither with Pcars nor Assetto corsa, nor mirror edge, nor a lot of other games, what a frustration, and I do not want to roll back to win7.

And I don't want to pollute my eyes with such primeval VR devices at 1080*1200/single eye even as Oculus CV1, what a bad resolution I have experienced with OC DK2, I will not buy it till the 4k solution is released.

The 3d displayer now for me is the best solution, clear and nice, no pain at the eyes.....alas...... I wish if the Dev team or any one can show me the clue to switch the 3d mode.

Many thanks!