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08-01-2016, 03:55
Dear SMS-Team!

We are an entusiastic PROJECT CARS racer team (MniCV, Eckhaus, RedBaroni and Interneti).
For us itīs the best racing simulation we have ever played!!!!

We have only one topic, which happend during each online race where we had to make a pitstop during the race.
In one race I got intermediate tyres instead of soft tires during pitstop.
In the next two races (only standard setup allowed) two players got no new tyres.
In another race, one of my race mates got "Rain" tyres put on even though "Soft" tyres were selected.

The race is lost for those, who are affected from this bug.
We got this issue during all patches (also in patch 7.0).
We hope this bug is still in your focus and appreciate your continuous support improving this outstanding racing simulation.

Thatīs it! Not more and no less than this!
Many thanks again for this great game.:o

Best regards

08-01-2016, 04:16
Pitstops do work as of 5.0 (I think), to the point when I tested it you can even put different compounds on the same axle. Is it possible those that got intermediates or something else had another strategy activated?

Unfortunately when "force default setups" is enabled it IS bugged. It will use the first strategy in your saved strategy list. Say you are racing the RS500, but the first strategy in your list is for BMW procar. You will leave the pits with whatever tyres and pressures are set in your BMW strategy. If you have no strategies saved for any cars, it will then not change tyres or add fuel, so you will continue on old tyres.

That is an actual example of what happened to me, reproduced it consistently and it was passed on I believe.

08-01-2016, 10:47
Thank you cmch15 for this information.
Anyone else who has this issue during online racing with pitstops?
Are community events not effected from this bug?

10-01-2016, 06:08
Yesterday I tested forced pitstops.

car: Aston V8 (never used this car before)
track: Silverstone National
laps: 3
tyre wear: 7x
only Standard Setup: on
forced pitstop: on

I tested it with online races several times.
When I entered the pit with worn tyres, I could hear the drill sound but I always got the same worn tyres after I left the pit.
Itīs a shame that pitstops does not work in combination with "only Standard Setup:on" and "forced pitstop:on".
Can it happen that the program knowes that with 3 laps I donīt need to change tyres and can go till the end of the race with tyre set?

I found another thread, which explains how to Bypass this issue:

"....How to deal with now (v6.0)
If you want to race with friends without car setups, just to have fun, the best thing to do is :
- Turn off : Mandatory PIT: No, Fuel consumption: None, Tyre consumption: None.
It avoids problem with tires and avoids some players have to do a pit stop. Of course it is a little sad.
- Second important thing to do is to not mix wet and dry conditions because it is impossible to have the right tires........"

If this is the only chance to avoid the pistop bug, itīs not very satisfactory.
Any other experiences or solutions with/for pitstops?

10-01-2016, 14:53
Hopefully it will be fixed in 8.0 (or 9.0) but that is what happens if you have a "default" strategy. If you set up a user strategy it will change the tyres if they are worn enough (i think down to 25%), but its possible to change tyre pressures and fuel in this case which I don't think is correct. The point of a default setup I assume is to also make sure cars have the same default tyre pressures/fuel loads.