View Full Version : Formula Renault 3.5 Engine damage

09-01-2016, 18:14
So I've been doing quite a bit of testing with the formula Renault 3.5. I've been noticing progressive engine damage throughout practice sessions... i thought it was maybe my tune. So i reset to default. Same issue. Water oil temps and pressures all looked good. Opened radiator to 100% anyways. Still get the engine damage. Around .50 to .60 engine damage per lap. Happens on downshifts or upshift. Thought maybe i was bouncing off the limiter too hard (even though ive never had this problem previously)... Stop hitting the limiter... still get engine damage...

Is this a known issue with this car? anyone else have this problem? Can anyone with telemetry read outs confirm this isnt just me?

Im running a formula renault series soon and i cant have a car that damages itself for no reason... We'll have a field full of blown engine by lap 20...

Any help would be appreciated, and if this is an issue with the car can some1 report it to the mods...


09-01-2016, 20:08
More cars have this like Ford Capri Zakspeed on default turbo boost even (1% per lap or so)

And I'm not the one to downshift like an idiot (as you can see on youtube hotlap videos...)

09-01-2016, 20:15
Yeah i can see this on engines with boost or turbo... The FRenault 3.5 doesn't have boost. Theres no reason this should be happening. All I can imagine is while shifting, the engine hits the limiter for a split second while the engine is inbetween gears... which shouldnt happen on a sequential gearbox. Doesnt happen on FA or FB cars....

09-01-2016, 20:17
Did you use auto clutch (i never use it)? just to see if that still happens.

09-01-2016, 20:20
hmmm... i never touched that setting... i dont have a 3 pedal set... just brake and gas w my t300rs... never had this issue... going to give that a shot...

09-01-2016, 20:41
Tried it. Still damages itself... Although the hitting the limiter between gears disappeared... but if you come to a complete stop you stall without auto clutch... i have clutch mapped to a button, along with ignition and engine start, so its not that much of an issue... but its useless since it wont stop the engine damage anyway. Thanks though..