View Full Version : boring / higher AI setting needed ingame (GT-86 specifically)

09-01-2016, 20:12
i love to drive for fun the GT-86 (mostly on british tracks like oulton) as a short race and the AI is to slow :/
normaly i use around 70 AI setting, here i can get to 100 and they are to slow...
even if they manage to beat my qualification time on some tens of a second its easy to overtake and overlap them.
if they are able to be even with my time in qualy they are up to 4 secs/lap slower in the race (and this is boring!)
did a quick race on Brno at 100 AI a moment ago and after the first lap i got 6,5 seconds lead.... :(
why should i drive the other laps if i can win simply?
because its hard to even the AI on the tracks in every car it would be easier to let us choose a higher AI setting (maybe up to 120/130 (?))
(if its possible!)

Jussi Viljami Karjalainen
09-01-2016, 21:41
Quick question, what tyres are you using? The AI is probably using the All Weather tyres.

10-01-2016, 08:25
soft,but even in rain with the all weather tires they are to slow...
(i use H-gated shifter with clutch, if i use seq. shifting im much slower because there is a delay in the shifting process)

10-01-2016, 10:19
Yes. And there aren't shadows under the GT 86. The car seems flying.

10-01-2016, 11:10

so i did another testrace at Brno, clear weather, Date: today, start time: 1200
AI @ 100 and i use rain tires.
qualifying: lead by 2,5 seconds
race: lead after first lap 5 seconds (so only 1,5 seconds lost from soft to rain tires to my previous test yesterday)
between my fastest lap and the fastest AI lap there are a 2,5 seconds gap.