View Full Version : Crashing more often after 7.0

10-01-2016, 14:49
Prior to the 7.0 patch I never once had the game crash back to the ps4 screen , since the patch it happens really often . Tried multiple times with the WEC career that I've got going but it's hopeless .

As much as I recommend this game it's getting harder and harder to defend !

10-01-2016, 16:56
I had problems with that before 7.0 You're right though, seems like the more they fix the more they screw up, but it was the same way in Gran Turismo 6. Which we should be getting GT7 hopefully sometime later this year :D

10-01-2016, 18:34
I was having such a good time aswell that's the worst part , I will try again but one thing that the crashes I have seem to have in common is when I race I always race in cockpit view and no hud , sometimes when the light gets low I struggle to see the track but outside cockpit view it's a lot brighter so I switch to the hood view and this is when it crashes . Maybe coincidence but I've had it 5 times this weekend and everytime it's a lap or so after switching view .

I've just run the race again and completed it , this time I didn't switch view

10-01-2016, 19:11
Sometimes I have noticed the helmet cam will be a bit brighter when the others are darker, but not always.