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10-01-2016, 17:09
Don't know if it's already a request from community as there are too much posts:)sorry
I wonder if someone could be interested by these fantastics cars from years sixties,(1960/1968)could be included to game?
talking about:
Ferrari P4
Ford GT 40
Howmet T(turbine)
Porsche 904/917
Mac laren M6
Lola T70
and so ....
Like the cars shown on this site:
As some of old models are already in game ,maybe a 1960/1968 line up could be fine.
And some of old tracks like ,Sebring,Daytona....

Thanks for answer

10-01-2016, 17:52

10-01-2016, 17:57
On the sport cars side, there currently is the Ford GT40 and the Lotus 40. I like to drive both and other vintage race cars (from the 50s and 70s) but don't think any others are coming in pcars1.
On the formula racing side there is a bit more with the Lotus 25, 49, 49C and 51.

Jussi Viljami Karjalainen
10-01-2016, 19:04
On the sports car side there would in total be the Mercedes 300SL and the Aston Martin DBR1/300 from the 50s, the Ford Mk.IV (not strictly speaking a GT40 I guess) and the Lotus 40 from the 60s and the Renault Alpine A442B from the 70s. Yeah, it is uncertain if more will show up, though they have shown things we didn't know about before in some teasers as well. I wouldn't in any way count on it, but I wouldn't be totally shocked if more came either.

10-01-2016, 19:55
Link provided for the cars wanted thread. Here's the link for the tracks wanted thread:


Let's keep the discussions in those thread.