View Full Version : ESL Xbox December Final

13-01-2016, 18:29
I have just had to give up playing this without even setting a qualifying time. Why? Because I got driven into in qualifying which flipped my car and damaged it forcing me to "retire/return to the pits". On exiting the pits to attempt another qualifying run my car kept spinning out as if the rear wing (rear down force) was still missing off the Formula Gulf (even though physically it was reattached, as I changed the camera view and could see it).

I thought, forget qualifying, I'll go for it in the race ... but no. Into the first corner, the car span out again as if it still had no rear down force and that was my race run (and shot at winning any money). Thanks SMS for that oh-so-brilliant bug where the damage to the car did not get fixed or reset between sessions (even though the rear wing was visible as apparently having been fixed) which has somewhat ruined my day ...

EDIT: If anyone saved a replay of qualifying, can they please tell me who it was that drove straight into me? Thank you. They inadvertently wrecked my car for the race, due to the damage not being fixed between sessions for whatever reason.

EDIT2: I now see that race 2 on the Xbox has been rescheduled for next Wednesday due to Xbox live problems. I had to ask to find out though ...after two hours of twiddling my thumbs ... not the best communication from ESL over the matter.
Joseph (or anyone at SMS), I let the bug go in the first race, because if I had kicked up saying we needed to restart the session and go again, it would have upset 7 other racers who were giving it their all and personally I deemed that unfair, so I just let them get on with it and quit the race due to missing rear down force. What should I have done or can be done through ESL rules under those circumstances? ... and actually, is what I experianced even a known bug?