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13-01-2016, 17:52

Firstly I would like to say I'm really enjoying Project Cars so far and enjoying playing the new dlc.

I would like if possible to make a few suggestions for the career mode for Project Cars 2. In as much as I enjoy the career mode in the first game, it does get a bit repetitive after a few seasons. Unless you manage to unlock new invitational events by completing certain milestones, each season has the same events apart from the series/contract events you have signed for. This is fine but there's nothing really there in the career to keep you playing.

My suggestions for the career mode for Pcars 2 include the below..

Career overview..

A career structure where you start the game as a newbie driver working his/her way to the top split across multiple seasons. The seasons should be scripted but with a side option to play each event in every season once you have completed it.

At the end of each season you will play a head to head race with one of your rivals. The winner of this race will win you that rival's car and liveries. You also get in game CR to buy or upgrade cars and liveries.

Season 1
You start off racing in go karts as you do in Pcars 1 but the events are all in this first season with multiple championships during the whole season with multiple events and tracks until you reach the final championship at the end of the season.

Season 2
You now move to the next tier racing in your first car class. Again as with the last season there will be multiple championships to compete in.

Season 3 - You now progress to GT3 cars.
Season 4 - You now progress to GT2 cars.
Season 5 - You now progress to GT1 cars.
Season 6 - You now progress to LMP3 cars.
Season 7 - Now LMP2 cars/races.
Season 8 - Now LMP1 cars/races.
Season 9 - Formula C cars/races.
Season 10 - Formula B cars/races.
Season 11 - Formula A cars/races.

Season 12 - Project Cars Drivers Championship
A final season where you compete in multiple 5-10 race championships split between the previous Tiers. Success in these events will depend on which cars you unlock during the previous seasons.

At the end of season 12 as with the previous season finales you compete in a head to head race at either Le Man's or the Nordechliffe (you choose) The winner is crowned the Pcars Driver Champion trophy.

Now the twist the game could offer now is for further seasons like on the Xbox 360 game Forza 3 where you now compete in more seasons to earn more CR and get aim for the 100% completion trophy/achievement! Each event in Seasons 13 onwards are randomly selected by the game to avoid any repetitive events/races.

As above you can race the previous events/championships you have already completed to help you achieve certain milestones as with Pcars 1 but at least this time your not forced to do via a calender based career mode, the choice is yours.

I think this type of career structure would work really well. You would feel like your really aiming towards a goal per season. This and of course a custom championship mode (separate from the career) would be fantastic :)

13-01-2016, 17:57
Personally I very much dislike 'sim' games where you need to earn credit/unlock content. Most of the time it involves 'grinding' and takes away the fun in my view.

13-01-2016, 17:59
Guys, it's been stated that at this time, there will not be "pCARS2 ideas" being discussed on this forum. It's not even decided if this will be the official forum for pCARS2. If you have ideas, find someone who is a part of pCARS2 and see if they can submit your idea for you (if it hasn't already been discussed as there is a new way SMS is handling this for pCARS2).