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14-01-2016, 22:08
I'm starting up another series. This time will be a short 5 or 6 weeks. Have about 6 people confirmed so far, looking to fill out some more slots.

I have experience running race series in the past and I'm sure there's others who will vouch for how I ran it. We will be using Skype for our chat.

I am looking to do 2 races a week. The first "Sprint Race" will happen Tues/Weds/Thurs evenings U.S. time zones (TBA), and will be in RANDOMIZED LOTTERY for car choice. These races will have a short practice followed by a 30-40 minute race with no qual and probably no tuning. The second "Main Race" will happen on Sat/Sun at whatever decided time (TBA), using whatever car/car class is chosen in the poll. There will be tuning for this race, pit stops, and start with a 15-30 min Qual then a 75-90 minute race.

The cars I am looking at for Main Races are those cars less-than-top-tier. Look at the poll in the below links. It will not be GT3, LMP1/2, Formula A/B. I'm leaning towards Formula C or Group5 myself...

This series is still very much a paper project at the moment, but I am hopeful to have the first events happening within 2 weeks from today.

Please see http://nacrassociation.proboards.com/thread/109/winter-racing-league-interest-sign for my Sign up/Info page, and http://nacrassociation.proboards.com/thread/110/winter-racing-league-detail-discussion for the car class poll and more specific details, as well as to post your availability.

Post here or on our NACRA forums, or PM me here or on XBL if you have any questions.

16-01-2016, 16:42
Still looking for more people.

NACRA is NOT a "hardcore" racing group; we welcome racers of all skill levels. Our only demand is that drivers do their best to race cleanly. Accidents do happen and that is totally understandable, but so long as you're not ramming or intentionally rubbing people off the track when jockeying, you're fine. We especially want those drivers who don't consider themselves to be "very fast". If you need help with tuning in general or tuning a specific problem, working on race technique, we will help you become better as best we can.

If you're tired of the B.S. of random online lobbies with short 5 lap races that lose 70% of their starting population by lap 3, come give NACRA/ My Winter Race Series a try. I'm still working out the final details and we have not yet settled on a class (F/C is leading currently). I'm also still working out what the actual event times will be, so if you think you might be able to make it after any certain time, let me know and I'll try to accommodate you!

Come race with us! Have a good time, make some friends, improve your skills, and learn a bit more about how to tune a car to suit you.


18-01-2016, 18:00
Great group to race with!

01-02-2016, 03:30
Have a few spots left for what will be a 5 week Formula C Main Race/random car Sprint Race series starting this Wednesday, Feb 3rd.

Check out http://nacrassociation.proboards.com/thread/110/winter-racing-league-main-thread for details.

Main races will be ~80 minutes of laps every Saturday in Formula C, starting at 6:30pm PST/9:30pm EST.

Sprint Races will be 30 minutes of timed event every Wednesday starting at 6:30pm PST/9:30pm EST with the car class/specific car being chosen by a random number generator immediately before the race starts, with each member in the lobby getting one choice and the generator making that choice from the list.

Points from both races will be combined into a Championship leaderboard for overall rankings.

Chat will be through Skype. Have 11-12 people so far, looking for a few more to round out the group. If you're interested, sign up and post on my thread in the NACRA forums, or send me a message over xbox to my GT: OpticalHercules

03-02-2016, 14:17
We are starting tonight, will be fun times. Still at least 3-4 spots open! Come join the fun!
Chat will be through Skype. so you need to set this up before race time.

Check out http://nacrassociation.proboards.com...ue-main-thread for details.