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17-01-2016, 13:55
Any way to stop the screen from briefly blacking out? On occasion, while engaged in the race, the screen will go black. It won't last over a second or two, but is a bit disconcerting when you're trying to get around cars, corners, etc. without crashing.

18-01-2016, 19:12
That sounds more like a problem with the tv, or monitor you are using..

19-01-2016, 11:32
Does it only happen on Pcars?

19-01-2016, 12:35
Id change your HD lead i had the same issue but with drive club about a year ago never had the issue again since getting a new HD lead.

19-01-2016, 14:26

Liquid7394: The problem has occurred only in racing games. I asked the question because I suspected it was a software issue. The other games don't seem to mandate the demanding graphics as do the racing games.

Biggbaddwolf: It always could be the TV, but the thing is pretty new, has not had that experience before (except with other racing games) and, is, suppose to be a Smart TV and should be able to handle all the demands placed on it by PS4. But, you may be right.

Notanuva: What is the "HD lead?" HDMI?

Jaroslav Turna
19-01-2016, 14:41
May I ask what TV are you using? I have same issue with my LG TV, but it definitely is thanks to TV or cable, as it did not do that while I was using Benq monitor (with same computer).
Unfortunately I have no solution for you as I simply did not care enough to solve it.

19-01-2016, 19:05
Notanuva: What is the "HD lead?" HDMI?

Yes mate the HDMI lead thats the 1 you want to change it would only happen to me in drive club not any other game i played . I tied all sorts to fix the issue nothing worked but changing HD lead.