View Full Version : xbox gold project cars queston.

kevin kirk
19-01-2016, 00:46
When setting up online races using xbox gold, is it possible to set up races to have lmp1 and 2 and gt3 cars on track together with only me and the AI? I have no interest in racing other people online. I'm just looking for a way to have lmp1 and 2 and gt3 in the same race with just me against the AI. I know it sounds silly to buy gold and not wanting to race other people,but if it allows me to race with the AI with lmp and gt3 cars it would be worth it to me. Will I be able to do this? thanks

CPU M Rossi
19-01-2016, 02:39
there is no way to pick what the AI drive other then these options - the same car, same class, or what ever the AI/player wants to drive

kevin kirk
19-01-2016, 04:18

19-01-2016, 05:07
Hopefully this will be an option in Project CARS 2. This is something I definitely would like to see :)