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19-01-2016, 16:20
Welcome to the Dedicated Sim Racers League or TheDSRL for short!!!!

Newly started in January 2016, the DSRL is a new league for XBOX One racers on Project CARS. Here is where you will find mostly longer, multi class, endurance racing.

The first championship to start will be the P2 / GTE 200k series. Run over 10 weeks, 10 200 kilometre races will be held combining P2 class cars and GTE class racing on the same track at the same time.

Races are held at 8pm UK time on Sunday nights.

Invites will be sent out at around 7:45pm and then go into a 20 minutes qualifying session.

Each race will be 200 kilometres in length, which means that pitstops will be necessary.

Damage will be set to Performance Impacting and TCS, ABS will be allowed

You can sign up to the championship by going to www.thedsrl.forumotion.co.uk

Look forward to seeing you on the track.

21-01-2016, 14:38
The first round of the DSRL 200k series is just 10 days away.

The Nurburgring GP circuit is the venue for the first round, which will be run over 40 laps.

With P2 cars, GTE cars, tyres, fuel and damage all on this will be a test of endurance.

Sunday 8pm GMT January 31st is when it all gets under way.

Visit www.thedsrl.forumotion.co.uk to sign up and get ready to race!!

21-01-2016, 17:08
I quite like the sound of this.

21-01-2016, 17:58
Great to see you joining the forums Rich. See you out on track.

23-01-2016, 10:46
Still loads of spaces left in TheDSRL 200k series, both in P2 and GTE. Head on over to www.thedsrl.forumotion.co.uk to get signed up and get racing.

See you on track

26-01-2016, 11:44
Still plenty of spaces in P2 and GTE for the first DRSL 200k series. Head on over to www.thedrsl.forumotion.co.uk

31-01-2016, 23:31
Tonight was round 1 of TheDRSL 200k Series. Held on the Nurburgring GP circuit the clouds were looming overhead from the off.

Qualifying was held in light rain conditions which made for a tricky session. With the start time being late in the day, the combination of rain and cooling temperatures made keeping brake temperatures in their operating window a challenge. After the 20 minute session it was the Oreca 03 of Webbers88 on the pole, followed by the Mclaren MP4-12C GT3 of Kegerton86 and ReadingRichs Bentley Continental GT3.

1. Webbers88, P2, 1:59.428
2. Kegerton86, GTE, 2:05.877
3. ReadingRich, GTE, 2:11.126

The weather for the race was still no better and 40 laps of slip, sliding was the order. The rolling start saw Webbers88 leading into the first corner followed by Kegerton and Rich. Rich soon found himself in trouble with a handling imbalance that lead to multiple rotations through the race. Kegerton made the most of the conditions and built a heathly lead in GTE which he kept all the way through the race. Although it was not without its disruptions, including a miscommunication with his pit crew leading to the wrong tyres being fitted. Webbers88 had to just keep the car on the road to take a win in the P2 class.

1. Webbers88, P2, 41 laps in 1h 25min 15secs
2. Kegerton86, GTE, +1 lap
3. ReadingRich, GTE, +4

Championship standings


1. Webbers88, 35 points


1. Kegerton86, 35 points
2. ReadingRich, 32 points

01-02-2016, 07:38

Glad to see that you got the series off the ground

01-02-2016, 19:46
Thanks mate. I know there was only 3 of us but it had to start somewhere.

07-02-2016, 12:02
Round 2 of TheDSRL 200K Prototype / GTE series starts tonight at 8pm GMT. Head over to www.thedsrl.forumotion.co.uk to sign up and get racing.

See you on Track

07-02-2016, 12:02
Round 2 of TheDSRL 200K Prototype / GTE series starts tonight at 8pm GMT. Head over to www.thedsrl.forumotion.co.uk to sign up and get racing.

See you on Track

13-02-2016, 23:56
Round 3 of TheDSRL 200k Prototype / GTE series, is tomorrow night. The forecast is for light rain whilst tackles 41 laps of the Imola circuit. Qualifying start at 8pm GMT. Head to the forum at www.thedsrl.forumotion.co.uk.

Look forward to seeing you on track.

14-02-2016, 09:38
I'll be there. Valentines day race pass was granted. ��
Marks and spencers 2 for 20 saved the day.

20-02-2016, 20:13
Tomorrow night is round 4 of TheDSRL Prototype/GTE 200k series. It is at Spa this weekend and of course the weather forecast for tomorrow is Rain! Also it is the first round that will introduce the first of the dropped scores. So head over to www.thedsrl.forumotion.co.uk to get in on the action. So far there are 3 Prototypes and 4 GTE class cars booked in so plenty of space.

28-02-2016, 05:19
Tonight is round 5 of TheDSRL Prototype / GTE 200K series and will mark the halfway point in the championship. The numbers are building up and so is the competition. With 10 drivers booked into tonights race and 49 laps of the Zolder circuit to tackle, the importance in precision will make the difference. Head to www.thedsrl.forumotion.co.uk to sign up, book in and get racing.

13-03-2016, 10:39
Tonight is round 7 of the DSRL Prototype / GTE 200K Series. 38 laps of the Watkins Glen GP awaits the drivers with weather expected to be medium cloudy. The fight at the top of both Prototype and GTE is hotting up and with just 4 rounds remaining, any mistakes will coat dearly. Head to www.thedsrl.forumotion.co.uk to sign up and get racing.

See you on the track!!!

20-03-2016, 13:54
Tonight is round 8 of the DSRL Prototype / GTE 200K Series. With just 3 rounds to go, it's time to go for all the points available. Tonight the race will be taking place in the cover of darkness at Road America. 31 laps await the drivers for the winning honours. Head to www.thedsrl.forumotion.co.uk to sign up and get racing.

21-03-2016, 07:57
Last night was round 8 of The DSRL Prototype / GTE 200K series and here is your race report.

Round 8, Road America, USA
Laps: 31
Date: March 20th 2016 8pm GMT, 8pm in game start time
Weather: Clear


It was a dominant qualifying performance by RD Infern0 in his RWD P20 to take pole in Prototype by 1.74 seconds from newcomer aidtheace. Third was championship leader Webbers88 and then Lemarrrrrr, Rebel Whitey, Hurt MaGurt and Jeepman1956. iHAM EAGLTHRUST once again was pole in GTE as he lead LE MUNDO and ReadingRich. stevielow suffered problems during qualifying which meant he was unable to set a lap time. However these issues were resolved for the race.

1. RD Infern0, 1:57.072
2. aidtheace, +1.740
3. Webbers88, +2.100
4. Lemarrrrrr, +3.658
5. Rebel Whitey, +4.344
6. Hurt MaGurt, +5.405
7. Jeepman1956, +6.575
8. iHAM EAGLTHRUST, +10.183
9. LE MUNDO, +16.096
10. ReadingRich, +17.535
11. stevielow, no time


It was an incident packed race which was started off my RD Infern0 running wide at turn 1 and letting aidtheace and Webbers88 through to take the lead. Soon after Webbers88 spun coming into the carousel corner and later so did aidtheace. Webbers88 suffered damage that needed to be repair at his pitstop whereas aidheace was damage free. RD Infern0 quickly built up a healthy lead of 17 seconds in just 3 laps. Incidents were not just in Prototype as LE MUNDO and ReadingRich clashed in GTE and both required repairs. As pitstops started to take place at mid race distance, it was drama at the front as RD Infern0 retired due to electrical issues. This brought the fight for the lead back to aidtheace, Rebel Whitey and Webbers88 who had quickly come through the field after his early pitstop. Once all the pitstops were over, Webbers88 had a healthy lead of 1 minute over aidtheace. Even a late stop for a fresh set of tyres was not enough to stop him taking win number 4 of the championship ahead of aidtheace, Rebel Whitey, Hurt MaGurt, Lemarrrrrr and Jeepman1956 in Prototype.. iHAM EAGLTHRUST took a comfortable win in GTE and in second was stevielow after a great recovery from having set no time in qualifying. LE MUNDO was third and the field was rounded out by ReadingRich.

1. Webbers88
2. aidtheace
3. Rebel Whitey
4. Hurt MaGurt
5. Lemarrrrrr
6. Jeepman1956
8. stevilelow
10. ReadingRich
11. RD Infern0 - DNF