View Full Version : Sound bug ?? Aston Martin V12

20-01-2016, 14:18
Hello guys, for some time I've been noticing a difference on the sound of the car in some situations.

I did a test yesterday and definitively there is a difference. Might this be a bug on the game ?

The sound difference I notice is when I'm not pressing the pedals (throttle and brake).

The test I did was:

1st part of the video - I created an online room and went there alone. Notice the sound of the car at the beginning;
2nd part of the video - I created an online room and went with other players. Notice the same sound at the beggining. As you can see, it is not the same.

Here is the video (sorry for the text in portuguese)


03-02-2016, 17:08
No one notices this ? weird !

Geoffrey van Vugt
05-02-2016, 07:44
Sometimes the audio of the cars just vanish for no reason at all. Then in no time the audio is back. Both online and offline..

21-10-2016, 09:17
@Geoffrey van Vugt: this is not the sound vanish and then come back. If it starts different it continues till the end of the session.

Hello guys...no help from you ?