View Full Version : 20+ Cars in one Race without Lag

20-01-2016, 14:24
Is it possible?

My group started a GT3 Championship last week. The first race, 30 people attended and the server just crashed 5 laps into the race. This week, 22 people attended and there was considerable lag throughout the entire session, with several people getting disconnected and lagging so horrible that I had to boot them.

So far we've used 3 different Dedicated Servers in different locations operated by different people and none seemed to work properly. Is there anything we can do to continue to do 20+ races without having a third of the players drop out due to lag?

20-01-2016, 20:05
Nope. We experience the same in AOR. To me (playing since may last year), the game has never been more broken. Multiplayer is a waste of time now.

20-01-2016, 20:07
Depends heavily on the specs of the server where the DS are running. In RSR we had last week 3 sprint races with 29 people without any problems. What are the exactly specs of your server?