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20-01-2016, 18:22
Everyone seems to be jumping all over this guy who obviously loves your game. However, I have to say he may have a good point. The car I've tested this problem on (Caterham rs500), which I have driven often really seems to backup this guy's claim. Normally dropping wheels on grass on certain kerbs with the throttle wide open would cause this car to loose traction and unsettle the car quite considerably, usually requiring some throttle and steering corrections to keep the car under control. However, since downloading patch 8 I find the car handles these things with no dramas or input corrections required. Driving on the grass seems to have no affect to tyre traction, direction or braking. The later feels like it's glued to the track, no lockup or sliding of any kind (even with 2 or all wheels on the grass or kerbs). The car also used to react quite violently if running over and indeed bottoming out on raised high kerbs where as now you can quite easily skip over these kerbs and immediately regains "on rails" traction. (all driving aids off)

20-01-2016, 18:22
Mods. Would you kindly.

20-01-2016, 18:24
No need to create yet another thread about this. Your last one already got merged into the main tyre physics thread.