View Full Version : Audio during throttle feathering

20-01-2016, 18:39
If there´s something PCARS got going for itself was audio. I love how cars sound in 90% of the cases. But there´s an area that has always grinded my gears. The difference in sound between a driver on and off throttle is way too high in terms of volume.

The volume output should be much more dependent in the RPMs the car is doing, and a bit less dependent on throttle position. It is especially noticeable when you hesitate on the throttle exiting a corner how big the difference is. The sound almost goes down to 0 when you lift and comes back again at full force as soon as you´re back on the throttle, even if the RPMs are almost flat through the "hesitation moment".

Instead of a constant whine at moderate volume you get a high volume sound with very marked interruptions.