View Full Version : Formula A vibration in Thrustmaster T150 at high speeds

20-01-2016, 19:51
Hi Everyone,

I played career mode with no problem so far. I am using a PS4 and the T150 wheel. I always used Jack Spades settings and I always liked the force feedback. Now that I drive Formula A it is unplayable because of heavy vibrations in the wheel at higher speeds. I hope there is a way to setup the force feedback or the car that these massive vibrations in the wheel do not appear.

20-01-2016, 19:56
search for oscilation removal or removing oscilation. That is what you are experiencing . And also see these threads : http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?43227-Force-feedback-after-patch-7-0

20-01-2016, 20:29
I raised soft clipping to 5 and now the vaibrations are a lot less.