View Full Version : Devs. One more thing to go

20-01-2016, 20:41
This new patch made handling deliciously fun. Even Road Cars are drivable now, and you can also even counter act oversteer. All cars can be used now for the fun.

All you need to finish this is the tyre overheating feature. Why did you remove it?. The game will be perfect if you add it!

I'm a pad user (Have a t300 gte, but I'm actually waay way faster with the 360 pad in project cars); no assists too, and I swear this is the only thing needed to make project cars one of the most fun driving games ever, along with the current tyre tweaks/physics you added in patch 8.0. If you removed it because some pad players can't drive properly with this device, then you just got it all wrong SMS.

Please bring it back, and consider Project Cars 1 handling/tyre model/physcis finished. Finished for the good by the way :)

20-01-2016, 20:44
May want to take a read over in the tire thread (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?27185-TYRE-PHYSICS-DISCUSSION/page361). Your not the only one.....

21-01-2016, 06:57
Handling is perfect now. You can drive all cars. Overheating will make the game perfect. Why removing it??!!