View Full Version : Just installed the new update..

21-01-2016, 00:05
Haven't got to race much since then though..what does everyone think so far? Good, bad?

23-01-2016, 00:01
Seems ok besides game crashing when watching replays


23-01-2016, 03:29
nice youtube channel m-bimmer

23-01-2016, 08:50
Just did a full practice, [lots of set up changes] qualifying and 17 lap race at Brands on my PS4. Clio cup. A.I. 75%. Qualified 8th , finished 4th. I never thought any racing sim could be this realistic. Just wow!

26-01-2016, 07:36
have done 3.5 hrs of racing/quali, both off and online, still not a crash or problem with the fanatec loosing FB.
Its an adorable race sim.

Sum Dixon-Ear
26-01-2016, 09:37
Seems ok besides game crashing when watching replays

I had this issue when the previous patch dropped, deleted a few of my oldest saved replays and never had a problem since.