View Full Version : ZERO To HERO and DEFENDING CHAMPION Trophies...misconceptions cleared up :D

21-01-2016, 02:44
Been playing Pcars for probably more hours than I should since getting my first wheel (G29), here is the first of some posts to set the record straight where I have seen wildly inaccurate info on web guides/walkthroughs.

This is reported inaccurately by many forums/game guides as a MISSABLE trophy. That it is only possible if you go for it first when you begin a new career by starting Tier 8 in 125cc Karts, so once you have started on a different tier you cannot go back to Karting 125 shifters.
It is written often that you must start a new career to do ZTH. NOT TRUE!

Here are the real facts, as applicable to my personal testing:
ZTH is possible at any time as long as you start in CLIO CUP (or 125 karts of course). If you lose this (finish 2nd or lower) you will be offered a 125cc kart contract which you can go back and accept at ANY POINT later in your career, it does not expire.
If you win the CLIO CUP you may go on to complete the rest of the game, including DEFENDING CHAMPION and then TRIPLE CROWN, then return to do ZERO TO HERO. EVEN if you have played for over 10 seasons. I just completed it this morning after 16 total seasons in same profile.
You need to START this trophy in 125 cc karts and finish in LMP1. This is possible therefore after only TWO seasons if you have already been invited to LMP1 earlier, and /or completed it.
If you do not see invites for karting, then you have WON the Clio Cup. All you need to do is go back and race again and NOT win. I did this at a high difficulty and finished 4th then got the kart invite. I then proceeded thru all the open wheel tiers and got LMP1 after 8 seasons. I did NOT get any new invites during this at all, so relied on previous contract offers to advance.
You can conclude from this, that the easiest way to actually guarantee ZTH is to NOT start in karting but do as I did, in Clio Cup. Win everything you want, have fun doing it YOUR way and get invites for every possible tier in each of the three classes (but crucially LMP1). THEN go back and lose the Clio Cup. You can then do ZTH in just 2 more seasons, giving you plenty of time to practice and perfect (5 seasons in each!)

This is also erroneously described in every guide I can find. They all say you have to renew your contract with the same Tier 2 team or above for 3 seasons in a row, after winning a T2 or above championship for the first time. The trophy states defend YOUR title NOT the teams, so I tested this out as I did not want to use the same car for four long seasons and wanted to experiment.
I can confirm that using FOUR different teams and FOUR different cars in LMP1 will award the DC trophy. I received it myself this way.
PLEASE NOTE that if you achieve DEFENDING CHAMPION first then go on to start ZERO TO HERO as I have described above, the DC award in your profile is glitched. It will still show completed on the right in the list of 5 major trophies but will disappear from the list of major historical trophies shown magnified on the left (0/3). (as soon as you select 125 karting) I can produce a screenshot to confirm this if necessary. TRIPLE CROWN however does NOT disappear. It remains visible/completed on both sides.
I havent tested this by starting in Prototype 1, although I hazard a guess if you fail to win that a kart contract may be offered. Anyone confirm this?

Once again GREAT game/sim loving NEARLY every minute of it :D