View Full Version : noob queston, symmetrical verses asymmetrical

kevin kirk
21-01-2016, 04:23
I thought this was meaning changing the 2 verses all 4. Then reading about it,its different tread patterns. What exactly is symmetrical and asymmetrical concerning the effect it has in project cars?

CPU M Rossi
21-01-2016, 04:40
well if you mean the pit menu with asymmetrical you can set it so each tire is different, the front tires are different from the back, the left side tires are different from the right side tires or have the left front different from the right front tire & then have the reverse on the back.
where with symmetrical all tires are the same.

22-01-2016, 17:01
Symmetrical means if you adjust a value of your right front wheel or suspension, the game will automatically change the setup of the left front wheel or suspension as well. Assymmetrical means that if you change anything on one wheel it won't be automatically changed for its pair.

kevin kirk
22-01-2016, 17:25
thanks guys