View Full Version : SMS will DLC be patched ?

21-01-2016, 07:34
I've got an issue with the Silverstone Classic DLC .
I can practice ,qualify but when i get to race the game just freezes not completely but frame rate goes to next to nothing , trapped .
I've read others have the same issue .
Do you know about this SMS ?
Could you please let me know if you are looking to fix this because it feels like I've waisted money on this track . Not sure if other DLC has issues like this .?
I think racing around this track would be cool but i haven't been able to.

21-01-2016, 07:41
I experienced this in an online lobby last night (xbox) .. I though it was just a random crash as that was the first time I've raced the silverstone classic track online, when I went back to join another lobby, we were racing at a different track. I'd be interested to know if there is actually a problem here?