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Lewis Puppy
21-01-2016, 08:26
I've been playing with the added realism of racing just like the actual cars as to whether to drive stick shift or with paddles according to the PCARS database. I was just curious if there are others here playing this way. This definitely adds to the fun using my sequential stick shifting DFGT on certain cars:


21-01-2016, 09:31
some cars shift faster with a stick than the paddles. I tend to use both depending on the car. for example the GT4 Mustang and the Trans Am cars all shift faster with the stick.

21-01-2016, 09:52
If the car has a manual box then I drive it with the h-shifter and clutch. If it has paddles or a sequential shift, I use the paddles.

When my G25 h-shifter started packing up I tried to use the paddles as a substitute (whilst still using the clutch) but hated it so much that I quickly ordered the TH8-RS shifter I have now.

Each to their own though. Drive the cars in whatever way you are most comfortable driving them :yes:.

21-01-2016, 12:45
I use whatever the car uses in real life. I always prefer stick, it gets really boring after a while flipping paddles on a street car.

21-01-2016, 13:18
Yup... I use what the actual car has too

21-01-2016, 14:32
I use whatever the car uses in real life. I always prefer stick, it gets really boring after a while flipping paddles on a street car.


Jussi Viljami Karjalainen
21-01-2016, 14:39
If the car uses paddles, I use paddles. If the car has a sequential stick shifter, I set my shifter to SQ mode and use that. If the car has H-gate, I use H-gate mode. If the car has a dogleg 1st H-gate (reverse top left, 1st gear bottom left, 2nd top middle, etc.), then I remap the controls to that.

Still haven't gotten around to putting my shifter on the left side of the wheel when driving RHD cars though, but I guess I should start doing that eventually. =)

21-01-2016, 15:02
I'm miles slower with the wheel, either paddles or shifter (t3pa here plus th8a).

Either 360 or xbox1 controller for the winner in project cars, type2 handling = win.

No assists. Of course

These new tyre tweaks put the game in the right path, but they didn't make me switch to wheel again anyway

21-01-2016, 15:24
If the real car uses paddles i use paddles, if the car has stick i use paddles, if the car has a sequential shift stick i use paddles because i don't have H shifter :)

21-01-2016, 15:28
Here is a thread I use all the time:


There's also information further on in the thread on what cars (IRL) use a sequential shift lever (i.e. rally car style) and what cars are sequential paddle shift (i.e. F1 style).

21-01-2016, 15:48
in real mode must be according to each car ....
".... ahhhh but the exchange of my G27 spoiled and I have to use the butterflies to shift gears ..."
"... use the CUSTOM mode and exit the REAL."

21-01-2016, 18:13
Im so crap with a h shifter but i still use it if the car does. I tend to shift up too many if there is no lock (th8) I wonder if getting a better shifter would help.

21-01-2016, 19:58
I always prefer to use sequential, but my sequential is weirdly broken. So paddles it is.