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21-01-2016, 23:28

what 3rd party dash app is the best? What are pros en cons of apps you use?

22-01-2016, 08:31
I my self use: pcars dash

It is not free but for a very affordable price it gives all the info i need and is not bugged down with ads and so forth.
It supports PC and consoles (shared memory or UDP) but the downside is that it is designed to run on a unit on the same network as the game, ie same wifi router.

Cross network is possible but it is a bit intricately.

01-01-2018, 10:55
Dash Cam are relatively cheap, but for those looking into owning one but doesn’t have the budget, if you’re not sure you need a dash cam app android at all, perhaps you can consider converting your old smartphone as a temporary dashcam video recorder for your journey.

Here are some following best dash app android:

1) CamOnRoad Car DVR
2) AutoGuard Blackbox
3) AutoBoy BlackBox

01-01-2018, 13:53
Sim dashboard for android. Cheap, super customisable dash app. Make your dash/ data screens. Excellent.

Vrhive is a full data logging/ dash/ everything app (pc + android, maybe iOS too). All in one. Has everything. More data than a race engineer can poke a pencil at.