View Full Version : Difference in settings between pro/amateur/novice multiplayer?

22-01-2016, 01:55
The only setting I've been able to find that distinquish one from the others is setting "Force Interior View" to YES, which makes a pro race even though I kept all the other settings at what I would have thought of as a novice race, i.e. All assist were on.

I have yet to figure out what distinguishes an amateur race from a novice race. I got a novice race to switch to amateur by changing the "Opponent Skill" to 100. But once it was amateur, sliding this setting down even all the way to 0 didn't change it back to novice.

How do you tell what bin the race created falls in? I had to have a friend tell me what bin he found my race in, in a mostly unsuccessful attempt to discern what the differences were.