View Full Version : Indycar please

22-01-2016, 14:13
Can we get some type of Indycar soon?! Wish there was a full pledge Indycar game but there's not.

22-01-2016, 14:16
It's already been announced by SMS that the Indycar is coming soon (ie, within the next couple of months). There is no news on ovals though, just the indycar confirmed so far :).

22-01-2016, 14:22
Might be worth keeping an eye on the 'speculation' thread, but there is a very good chance that next month's DLC might put a smile on your face? .... then again.. it might not!
Some useful nuggets of official info gets posted on the Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/projectcarsgame/

kevin kirk
22-01-2016, 16:16
indy car is going to add another life span to this game for me.