View Full Version : Leaderboard reset

24-01-2016, 14:59
I recall something on the camber fix but then everything went downhill. Now that patch8 is out and finally seems to be again on track (pun intended), is it time for that again?

Krus Control
24-01-2016, 16:44
I'm thinking the fact that the leaderboard hasn't been reset is a sign that we have more tire changes coming. Until SMS decides they're going to stick with changes and not change them for a while, a leaderboard wipe could just result in near zero participation in TT.

EMW Simmo
24-01-2016, 20:49
Just putting it out there, as that shed, Stock Car has an entire Lb class of its own, which no one drives...
Is it possible to add this car to the GT section, then proceed to split up the GT class, removing GT3,4,5 and E to give us a new Lb class.
So we would have Kart,Openwheel,Road,Touring,Lmp,GT1,GT2, could it be done???

24-01-2016, 22:42
@ Krus .. yeah mate. I though that too but I'm not seeing much more happening for pCARS.

29-01-2016, 09:44
I hope they shape up..cause physics are not very good at the moment. I need to include here that i mainly drive the formula cars and while formula rookie is ok it seems the physics can not handle donwforce (hardly notice 2-3 click changes) and huge power very well. In formula cars a reset does not seem neccesary at present..you can get the toptimes in current setup..just a few buggy times that need to be deleted, minute faster than nummer 2 and such

29-01-2016, 11:35
Why should there be a reset? Just checked two leaderboards at the Nords: The fastest lap with BMW M3 GT was done after the patch, the second fastest with the Z4, too.