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24-01-2016, 15:08
lol always one of the first in line to blame something else arent you ? if you're not on a WMD payroll you should be embarrassed.

Well Yes. Yes I am. Sort of... As well as most of the other WMD members here.

See, we all put up our money for a Micro stake in the game.
Hoping it would succeed and we would get a nice healthy return on our Investment.
I didn't get to Beta test, and thus, I didn't feel I should vote on any of the crucial decisions.
But I got to follow along behind the development.
watched it grow over the 3 years.
So I do feel like I have a stake in it. I put my share in, and I get my share out.

I'm even a WMD member in pCars2!
I will also get to vote on game changing decisions, just like many of the other WMD members do.

But to the contrary of what you are suggesting, I always try to research and pass along a knowledgable reply.

You should be ashamed to make such a suggestion.


24-01-2016, 15:51
Locking this....

It has nothing to do with PCars on the PS4, and seems to be replying to a post elsewhere.