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25-01-2016, 13:19

I am not playing the game a lot, I am not an expert racer. My kids play sometimes and I like doing some laps as well. I can still remember the times playing the first Test Drive games and thinking about that realize myself how good project cars is compared where we came from.
Now I am reading through the forum I realized something quite interesting. Something that might be interesting for the devs as well. There is a lot about what you would like to see in the game, but no poll about what do you like the most what is already in the game. In place of thinking about what would something else be like, think about what is best now. That might help to develop a game everybody enjoys maybe more than a huge list of track whishes.

I think at this point the game is nearly perfect when it comes to tracks and cars. There could always be more, but I mean it is a question of licensing often mixed with what is really going to earn money as well. For example, I read about people asking for 90km long mountain roads, think about it, how much time does it cost to develop that and how many people would actually make use of it? Me I have hard times already staying on shorter tracks, most people are not going to do 1 hour races quite a lot on technical roads. So I think it is too special.

When looking at what is in project cars, I think nearly everything sits in there. Good classic tracks, modern race circuits, point to point roads, short circuits, touring car tracks, formula 1 tracks and most of the worlds most famous are already in there. Nuerburgring, Azure, Le Mans, Monza, Imola, Silverstone and so on.
Now that there is a new road style ralley style course to come in the DLC this sector is covered a lot I think as well. Yes the only thing missing is Oval with infield. But hope that is going to be the final DLC together with indy car.
It is the same with the cars, most is covered in there, keeping in mind that some licenses might just be too expensive to make sense because you can produce 10 other cars for the prize of 1 license. But there are classic cars, GT cars, open wheel, everybody should find something suiting his favorite style.

So maybe lets figure what everybody likes the most. Maybe tell what kind of driver you are together with it.

Me: no expert driver just doing some laps for fun with some assistants staying on, do not really compete in races because my driving style might not suit serious racing players.

Favourite tracks:
1. Monza GP
2. Dubai International
3. Brands Hatch GP
4. Brno
5. Sonoma GP

Favourite cars:
1.Aston Martin V8 GTE
2.Formula Gulf
3.Mercedes SLS GT3
4.BMW M3 GT3
5.BMW Z4 GT3
(all easy to drive for me :)

Would be interesting to see what others like the most, maybe SMS can make a poll of that.

Gtz michael