View Full Version : How are would it be to have an options for certain cars to have LHD ?

25-01-2016, 13:31
I know the Radical , and Caterham Sp/300.r have optional left and right hand drive. I wonder how hard it would be to add that option in the game .

25-01-2016, 13:35
It is hard because SMS needs to make separate 3D model for LHD version. Like a Toyota 86.

Jussi Viljami Karjalainen
25-01-2016, 13:37
Too much effort to be worth it, it's much more than just reversing the cockpit model. Plus it could be licensing dictated as well. For the most part the cars are laid out like in their country of origin (Scion FR-S and Toyota GT-86 are the US and Euro versions of the 86, hence LHD), with only a few exceptions (like the Radical RXC Turbo).