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26-01-2016, 13:59
Hello everyone

This is my first post here. I bought PC/PS4/T150 just before christmas, and I'm thrilled. I've been driving "racesims" since NFS2, and bought my first wheel for NFS Porsche Challenge. Boy, have we come a long way!

Even though criticism towards PC has been harsh, it's by far the most immersive racing experience I've had, except for the real thing. Great great job SMS! You can be proud of what you've accomplished so far. The graphics are excellent, and the sounds are excellent too. Combined with the FFB (which I like straight out of the box) they give a better sense of the cars suspension, engine and gearbox, than anything else I've driven virtually.

I'm seriously in love with the Zackspeed Capri. That car is literally sexy. Especially the last two downshifts at the back straight @Bathurst... :p

One thing though, and it's probably been mentioned a gazillion times before: The menus aren't that bad, except for loading times, but it's really annoying when in Time Trial you select a car from the side menu, then go to garage, only to have to select the car again. It would also be great if PC didn't go back to random livery every time you select a new car. I guess the PS4 is packed to the last byte, but otherwise it should be pretty simple coding to have PC remember selections like that.

All in all, I'm a very happy camper, and I honestly can't wait for VR, even though it'll probably isolate me from the rest of the Universe for a long time.

Happy racing


26-01-2016, 15:01
Hi and Welcome!
The people on here are mostly very helpful and knowledgeable and there are moderators who keep everything reasonable too (some will say too quick). This is the best racing game overall that I have ( AC, Grid, Grid 2, Grid Autosport, NFS Shift 1 and 2).
For me the LMP 2 cars are the easiest to learn driving and setups and the GT3 are more difficult. I can't manage Formula A at all. The DLC packs are all good as well. Hope you have many enjoyable hours racing!