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27-01-2016, 11:13
(this is copied from the group page itself - LINK - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/chequeredflagendurance/discussions/5/458607518206487829/ )
Hello Guys

come and joing CFE - group of racers on Pcars who love endurance racing. - 2 hour races, at some of the most iconic tracks such as spa, willow springs, silverstone and le man, racing LMP1's and GT3's, 3 classes and 32 driver slow available. Join in the fun and race your heart out in our 9 calendar championship and prove you have what it takes to beat the rest. the calendar is spread out to compensate for those with jobs, and give plenty of notice. starts 28th february for pre season testing :)

We try to emulate the real FIA WEC, driving at full speed with a friendly community and serious racing , hope to see you there :) if that didnt get you pumped enough then watch that video :P

1) Calendar

the dates are yet to be confirmed, sadly my shift work has allot to be desired. but we will get back to you on that, at this time its just about interest

Pre-Season Test Race - Sakitto GP - 27th-28th February

Zhuhai International Circuit - 26th - 27th March
Watkins Glen GP Circuit - 16th - 17th April
Willow Springs International - 7th - 8th May
Le Man - 18th - 19th June
Monza International Circuit - 16th - 17th July
Road America - 13th - 14th August
Brno Circuit - 27th - 28th August
Silverstone GP Circuit - 10th- 11th Septemeber
Spa Francorchamps - 24th - 25th September

Time converter -

2) Event Layout

Practice -
will be done on Friday
There will be a 1-2H session at 1700 hours BST (16:00 GMT), and does not change throughout this championship - for your local time, use the time converter below.

Qualifying -
qualifying will take place on SUNDAY, the session will be 30 minutes long, ALL qualifying session will take place at 1630 hours BST (15:30 GMT), all the results from qualifying will be carried over to the Race session.

Races -
Races all take place on SUNDAY
Each race will start at 1700 hours BST (16:00 GMT), and does not change throughout this championship - for your local time, use the time converter below.
Each race will be 120 minutes long,
fuel consumption will be normal (as this is the highest it can be)
Tyre wear will be x2,
time acceleration will be x5 - tho there will be NO RAIN

********VERY IMPORTANT******

time converter -


3) Sign Up

Sign up will take place from:

All members who wish to join please place a comment in the discussion page, and state which classes you would be interested in joining, we suggest you pick MORE than 1
class, in case you do not make it into your first choice. Name the classes you wish to join IN ORDER, if you do not place your prefered choice as in front of the other classes, then you will have less chance getting into that class.

Example: OverTheLine - "i am signing up for CFE please - classes - 1)LMP1 , 2)GT3 , 3)GT4"

As seen above "overTheLine" has place LMP1 as his first class,
therefore the organisers know he should be entered into the LMP1 raffle before being entered into the GT3 Raffle.
Simples ;)

Raffles will take place after sign up is closed
a Tally chart will be created, and the drivers picked at random - once this is complete, ensure you know your class prior to entering the championship - once you know the class, pick a veh make and model/skin type, - please ensure you keep this skin throughout the

we would prefer you to pick different types of cars. no one wants to see their class full of the same car for example.

Slots Available
LMP 1 = 12 slots available
GTE PRO = 10 slots available
GTE AM = 10 slots available
(GTE = GT3 cars only)

One you know what your driving, please inform us to we can create a Table for the points system


4) Point System

After each race we will take a screenshot of the race results - and add them to the timetable, a discussion will then be created and updated as the season progresses. results will be done per class only starting from LMP1 down to GT4.

If there is more than 1 championship running, 2 discussions will be created, ensure you know which one you're in. the point system is below for each race.

(All Races)
1st: 30 points
2nd: 25 points
3rd: 20 points
4th: 18 points
5th: 16 points
6th: 12 points
7th: 10 points
8th: 8 points
9th: 6 points
10th: 4 points
11th 2 points
12th 1 point


5) Rules and Penalties

In order to ensure a fun, fair and competitive environment for all our players we feel that it is important that we lay out some rules to ensure that no-one is ever disadvantaged.

By joining our organised events you agree to the rules set out below.

-No car to car contact with the intent of causing damage to the other drivers car or race.

-Do not deliberately cut the track, track limits are the curbs and white lines. Let’s try to keep at least 2 wheels within these boundaries at all times.

-Do not leave a vehicle parked on or close to the track

-Absolutely no blocking, blocking is not defending. We run the generally accepted rule of which, you’re allowed one change of line in the braking zone provided that the car behind hasn’t already started an overtake attempt.

-Please respect blue flags, if leaders are lapping you don’t try to race them. The overtaking car must wait behind the car ahead until they can overtake cleanly without risk.

-When rejoining the track, do so only when it is safe and you are not going to make another driver have to take avoiding action. Any incident that is caused by rejoining the track in an unsafe manner will be penalised heavily.

We as organisers can’t monitor everyone's race at all times. If you are involved in an incident or see an incident we do need you to report it to us. This is IMPORTANT, please save your replay after the race. We can’t change between cars during a Project CARS replay so we need to see the incident from your point of view. If a report doesn’t contain the replay file and the time at which the incident occurred there will be no penalty.

Location of saved replays
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\xxxxxxx\234630\local\project cars\media

Again PCARS admin side leaves a lot to be desired. We’re limited in what we can and can’t do. What we can do are points penalties and warnings.

- Minor rule infringement - 2 championship point penalty.
This will be for something small, ignoring blue flags or constantly exceeding track limits.

- Medium rule infringement - 5 Championship point penalty.
This penalty is applied to more serious violations of the rules. Blocking without causing an accident, rejoining the track in an unsafe manner that doesn’t cause an accident.

- Major rule infringement - 15 Championship point penalty + 1 Warning
This penalty will usually be applied for causing an avoidable collision with another driver.
The following incidents will likely receive this penalty.
Blocking which leads to an accident. Rejoining in an unsafe manner which leads to an accident. Leaving a vehicle parked on or near the track.

- If a driver receives a 3rd warning, they also receive a one race ban. They are not permitted to race at the next championship event and are therefore unable to score championship points. If after serving the ban the driver is still receiving penalties his membership to the championship will be reviewed by the admins.

- Trolling - Instant ban - Trolling is an action that is deliberately taken with the intent to cause damage or ruin someone's race. I have played Iracing for a long time, and i have seen people deliberately take people out on the next corner because they had not had a clean overtake. Regardless of what happens on the track...you must keep your cool. Taking them off on purpose due to their aggressive move will only get you an instant ban. As above file the report, and they will be dealt with accordingly. The same goes for parking up stationary on the racing line, this will instantly be a auto ban with no warnings, if you have a technical issue, move your vehicle to the side of the road as best as possible. There are no excuses.

Admins hold the right to give a permanent ban to any driver who shows vagrant disregard for our rules and the enjoyment of the other competitors.

Submitting an incident report.
You can submit an incident report to any of our admins, be that OverTheLine or Rirdeg
It must contain the following for it to be reviewed.

The names of the drivers involved
A written account of what occurred
A link to the replay file from the race
The time at which the incident occurs within the replay.

This information will be reviewed by our admins who will judge if a penalty needs to be applied and if so what severity.

Once again the rules laid out above are simply to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience in our events and we’re sure that all of our members will be able to race within these rules. If you have any questions regarding the rules and/or penalties please contact one of our admins and they will be able to help.


6) Assists

Assists for this championship are restricted to in car Abilities only. the only ones that are allowed are ABS, Stability Control, and Traction Control, all other assists are not allowed to be run

This rules applies to all sessions. you may think this is unfair, however we believe practice makes perfect. if you learnt to handle the car without any in game assists (steering etc) then you will thank us when you have learnt to go faster without them even enabled. get practicing :)


7) Communication - Mumble server

If you wish to have voice chat in your races. here are the Server details.

We use a service called Mumble - It is similar to TeamSpeak..but much cheaper, however the quality of comms..is just as good. Therefore we use this, currently, it allows for 25 racers to join, however if it is in high demand, i may increase the limit to allow for further members.

If you do not have Mumble, here is the link to the website - http://www.mumble.com/

Servername - [CFEG] Chequered Flag Endurance
Server Address - chequeredflagendurance.mumble.com
Port - 9383
Password - pushthelimit

We hope to see you there, and let the racing begin! :)

- OverTheLine, Rirdeg

29-01-2016, 20:19
UPDATE - dates have now been confirmed, any questions let me know

01-02-2016, 12:03
Sounds great, but Start times are far too early :(
Needs to be around 19:30 imo (but I guess that depends on your work schedule, and what others think).

01-02-2016, 20:25
ye we tried to make it as late as possible for you guys on the other side of the big ocean. we have a few yanks though still :)

05-02-2016, 13:53
we are actively looking for LMP1 drivers if there is any out there :) with a good mix of car choices now in Pcars we believe this will be on of the hardest and most intense classes to race in. so join in on the fun :p

08-02-2016, 14:58
only 4/20 gt3 spots left, and 7/12 lmp1 slots left. :)

15-02-2016, 12:32
anyone else? we have our first race on the 28th February. if your not sure then pop along for it and see how things go :) we have a great bunch of guys here all who race cleanly and a system to clean out the douchebags. The race on the 28th is pre season testing so it wont count to anything other than an experience - our numbers are still increasing, and now we have 23/32 sign ups for this season - dont miss this ;) see you there - any questions then just add me ons team - overtheline (blue mazda rx8 pic)

15-02-2016, 19:31
Would you be at all interested in adding in a LMP2 section?

15-02-2016, 19:34
I'm in either way, add me on steam da59066. I'll take a GT3 seat if there is one going or a LMP2 seat if you did decide to add.

18-02-2016, 07:55
12 days until pre season race at sakitto. join now :)

29-02-2016, 19:25
pre-season testing is now complete. we hope this season will pick up momentum, lmp1 is still open for this season, if your interested then join in the fun

11-03-2016, 09:06
4 lmp1 slots available, and 1 GT3 AM slot

24-03-2016, 15:30
Race is this sunday, 4 lmp1 slots left and 1 gte Am slot. dont miss out if you love endurance racing :)

26-03-2016, 23:19
Today we race - sign up closes at 1600 hours UK time today before we race at zhuhai, guys dont miss this - we got 4 lmp1 slots, and 3 gte am slots available :)

06-04-2016, 22:03
well we decided to keep sign up open now.. as we still have free slots, join up if you want