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27-01-2016, 13:40
Is this application available on the Amazon Fire HD6?

27-01-2016, 13:42
If it is an Android device you can search for apps in google play.

27-01-2016, 13:49
Cause its Amazons modified version of Android it doesn't have Google play, it has its own store thats why I was asking to see if the Amazon app store has the app or other apps for the car telemetry

27-01-2016, 13:51
Is this application available on the Amazon Fire HD6?

You can, I believe, get it loaded onto an Amazon Fire. If you Google how to do it there are instructions. However, what you end up with a static version of the app - as in, when the next update comes around for it the application itself won't update and would need to be re-installed (repeat process) with the latest version to update it.

27-01-2016, 13:52
I didn't knew that...

If the amazon equivalent of google play doesn't find the app you want then, i guess you can assume you'll have to talk to a developer to see if the APK can be sent to you (highly doubt that) to install manually (which *probably* works)

27-01-2016, 13:58
Thanks for the advice guys, Amazon Fire HD6 is cheap atm thats why I considered it, might just get one thats is proper android to save the headache.

27-01-2016, 14:04
In that case, i'd suggest that too. To have it "limited" there's not point

27-01-2016, 18:01
Is this application available on the Amazon Fire HD6?

I have it working on a Kindle Fire HD6, if you install google play store it will update the app via my apps on google play, it won't auto update like the standard android setup. you can only install google play store if it's 5th gen or 4th gen updated to developer preview 5. I have already posted about this here