View Full Version : Lotus 25 tire problem?

27-01-2016, 17:58
First the good news: with over 100 TT times for the Lotus 25 at Silverstone Classic, I have the fastest time ... by over 1.2 seconds. The bad news is that I did it by exploiting what I believe is a tire bug. It would be reasonable to assume that the 65 Vintage Medium tire performs better than the 62 Vintage Hard tire. But I am three to four seconds faster on the older, hard tire. The hard tire does not feel faster and it severely vibrates my G25 but the lap times are much better.

I would appreciate the developers looking into this before it ruins my reputation as a slow driver :)

28-01-2016, 06:33
The 1:39.9 lap I did around Silverstone was done using a race setup on the 65 tyre's, little test to see how it handled, best I got with that set was 1:38.4 but that was before patch 8.0, I ran a quick test on the 62 tyre last night using the default setup and hit 1:38.1 around the 3rd lap which is pretty damn fast really

I'm unsure about the vintage tyre's as it is, the info I dug up relating to the 62 Dunlop stated they ran ideal pressure's anywhere between 40 to 55 PSI and we can't even get close to that, I think I maxed out at around the 30 mark

28-01-2016, 10:38
We picked this up prior to our league race in the car at Hockenheim where the hard tyre was around 5+ seconds faster than the medium. Also, the AI default to using the medium and are therefore massively off the pace compared to us if we use the hard. Even using the same tyre though they're still way off the pace as they are in all the classic dlc cars. Real shame because I love the Lotus dlc but the AI just cannot get anywhere close to the times we can.