View Full Version : Renault R.S 01 bodywork graphical glitching

28-01-2016, 12:23
I've recently started working on a tune for the awesome RS01 and noticed some oddities whilst racing against the AI in the same car, namely being disappearing sections of bodywork from the car models.

At first I thought it was simply shadows being cast on the cars, but it is fact not this. It appears that sections of the car are replaced with completely black areas, which flicker on and off and happen randomly. If you follow the cars it happens every race - you can see the rear of the car 'blacking out' and then returning to the normal model.

As well as these black body panels appearing, sometimes entire sections of the cars disappear, for example the bonnet will vanish for a second then reappear.

I have taken some video footage but need to edit it before I upload here, but first just wanted to see if anyone else has noticed this or if they could take a field of these cars out for a few test laps and look to see if it happens to them also.

I'm on PS4 BTW. Also these glitches happen during the race as well as during replays and happen every single race for me.

28-01-2016, 12:28
I haven't suffered from that particular glitch but I have had a flat red car before. Think it was LMP1.

28-01-2016, 13:35
We'll have to see the video, but there is a fundamental issue which is more apparent with some cars on the consoles with respect to how the LOD's switch in and out. If it's the same issue (and it sounds like it), it's not something that can change for pCARS1.

28-01-2016, 13:57
Yes I was racing an hour or so ago and came to the conclusion that it must be LOD-related as the glitch only appears when the AI has got a short distance away from the player car - when running in close proximity to them the models are fine, if you hang back a bit and let them go further ahead the black panels appear then return to normal. I'll edit a vid ASAP but I think you're correct. Thanks.

On a further note, we all know there's LOD issues in this game on consoles but usually the livery/car colour etc isn't affected, having big black sections appear is far more noticeable. Be nice if it could be looked at.

28-01-2016, 21:39
I haven't suffered from that particular glitch but I have had a flat red car before. Think it was LMP1.

It's a bug. When you go to the garage (in the main menu) the car sometimes gets displayed in red. If you don't change it back to any livery and start a race or what ever the car will stay that way.

30-01-2016, 16:28
I have the same bug on PS4 with RS 01