View Full Version : Profile Solo Quick Race Weekend Won't Update The Total Hours Played

29-01-2016, 03:23
Before my question I have to say that I am very impressed with this game. I've owned it for eight days. It makes me feel like I am truly a real race car driver. :D GT6 which I have now given up playing does not compare at all. I use the 66% FF Settings found at this link http://pcars.oscarolim.pt/ which I found in this forum. Thanks guys!

My question is to anyone with some idea as to why when I play a Quick Race Weekend in Solo it does not update the Total Hours Played in my Profile area. But it does update the Total Races entered and Total Wins and the Miles Driven.

But Solo Free Practice does update the Total Hours played and Miles Driven when I play in that area.

Why is this? Why the difference? Why would Solo Free Practice update Total Hours played but not Solo Quick Race Weekend? Is it the way the game is designed?

Sincerely Wondering. RADICAL_DRIVER in this forum but actually RADICAL_MONK online or soon to be in about 17 days as an Enthusiastic Project Cars Amateur Racer.