View Full Version : Mazda Radbul Settings? Anyone?

29-01-2016, 11:11
WT*, This isn't normal, all that power :nightmare::D:D:D:D:D.
Is there anybody who can help me out with some settings for this monster?

29-01-2016, 11:18
Lock the diff, turn up the boost.....and hold on!

29-01-2016, 13:53
Might have to try that later, have set it up as a race car at the moment because I'm not that brave

29-01-2016, 14:08
Turned up the Turbo and went for it. Only problem I have is when it starts to drift, I countersteer slightly, just little inputs and the car finds grip and I spin. Plus, I haven't been above 4th gear yet :D

29-01-2016, 14:15
The point is going sideways... I don't have it yet but it seems... "normal" :D

29-01-2016, 14:17
The point is going sideways... I don't have it yet but it seems... "normal" :D

I want it to go sideways. If you're not drifting, you're in the grass or going 5mph. But I have the countersteer problem :(

29-01-2016, 14:19
Don't start driving this car at full power. Edit the setup and reduce the wastegate all the down, and then lower the restrictor. Start driving the car at around 500hp to get used to it. Once you are used to sliding it around, open up the restrictor so you are around 700hp then get used to that. Once you are comfortable, open up the wastegate.