View Full Version : Lol. Do animated pitstops still not exist?

29-01-2016, 19:01
I left this game in June and started reading up on it again. Are animated pit stops still not in the game?
While it may not bother some people, I look for immersion as much as realism, which is why I play other racing games.
Its very cool in my opinion to see your pit crew change your tires, refuel, etc.

I see a LOT of dlc now but no word on animations. Wow.

Edit: I see a lot of people being banned for giving their opinion. So be it lol, I dont even play this game anymore. What a joke.

29-01-2016, 19:25
Just don't reply, please. :)

John Hargreaves
29-01-2016, 19:44
Thanks for sharing your opinion, welcome to the forum, let's hope you can get as much enjoyment from the game as we all do.

kevin kirk
29-01-2016, 19:49
I cant even pretend that I care if the game has animated pit stops. Spend the time working on more important things.

29-01-2016, 20:38
Itīs worse than that: they didnīt take the chance the invisible crew gave them to adjust the pitstop times per class at will.

You still have to pull dumb tactics to win. Like starting with all the fuel onboard in a 1-stop race because itīs faster to carry it around the track than refueling.

29-01-2016, 20:52
I don't see that many people being banned for giving their opinion in a polite, well-reasoned manner. What a joke. That should change, the mods should ban people for no reason whatsoever.

(/sarcasm, just in case somebody thinks I might actually be being serious)

29-01-2016, 22:54
Trolling 1/10

29-01-2016, 23:07
No, people don't get banned for giving their opinion in a well mannered and constructive way.....this has been discussed many times before....

So be it lol, I dont even play this game anymore. What a joke.

An attitude like that however....may in the future earn you a ban....depends how you want to conduct yourself in the forum.

Anyway, thread closed, recycled topic many times before and other places to discuss if really necessary, we don't need to recycle this again.