View Full Version : First Career Race

30-01-2016, 02:52
I did my first career race today and it was awesome! I did the GT3 UK Championship with the BMW M3 GT. The AI played very nice with me, they mostly use racing lines unless they are crowded in the pack at the start and all hell breaks lose, kinda like real people do online. I was worried about the darkness but I could actually see well enough. The only disconcerting thing that happened was at the start of the second race I was mucking around and didn't know the race would start without my pressing drive and the next thing I knew was up the ass of the McClaren in front of me but we were all the way in back and both recovered without drama. I was surprised at the amount of grip available, I am used to the skating rink surfaces of TT.
This was already the best racing game I own and now it's even better.